The Original Walkerballs!

Don't settle for a plain, ordinary walker. Now you can express your individuality and personalize yours with pre-cut Walkerballs.


The One Step Solution!

No matter what age group, Walkerballs offer a unique alternative to the expensive rubber tips and glides available today. One look and you'll see why it's such a great improvement. With Walkerballs, you can add personality to your walker while enjoying effortless, scuff-free movement across the floor.

Why risk injury and waste time cutting ordinary tennis balls? With a pre-cut hole, Walkerballs are designed to fit most walkers. These high quality, felt or plush covered hollow rubber balls are simple to install and ready for you to use! That's why walker users and medical professionals prefer the original - Walkerballs!


Why Walkerballs?

- Personalize your walker
- Pre-cut to fit most walkers
- Protect your floors from scuff marks
- Glide easily across surfaces

- Offered in a variety of colors and designs
- Ready to use and simple to install
- Priced right to save you money
- Perfect gift for family and friends